What are digital business directories and web catalogs?

Digital business directories and web catalogs are websites with contact information on companies in various industries, similar to “Das Örtliche” or “Die Gelben Seiten” in the offline sector. To appear in such a collection with your company, you enter the desired domain. This may be free of charge, but it may also be that the respective web catalog charges a fee for it.

Attention: Always make sure that it is the free entry. Often the web catalogs try to convince the recently registered companies of the paid offers. In the vast majority of cases, however, this does not make sense.

Reputable web catalogs will review your listing and, as long as there are no problems, will then include your domain in the directory with a backlink to your company website. When it comes to the structure of the web catalogs, there is usually the following division: On the one hand, the web directories are usually sorted by topic, so that users can search directly for their specific required industry. On the other hand, there are web catalogs that generally cover all topics, such as the Yellow Pages, but also industry-specific web directories.

Business directories & web catalogs – still a relevant factor today

If you are looking for a business today, for example painters, tilers, roofers or even physiotherapists or lawyers, you will probably just use Google or one of the other search engines. However, this was not always the case: Especially in the early days of the Internet, web catalogs with collections of websites and domains or telephone directory assistance were widespread and the fastest way to find a suitable service provider. But even today, web catalogs and digital business directories can still be relevant for you as a user, but above all, they can also be a useful and sensible option for your company as part of your digital presence and search engine optimization.

You should not always think about the inheritance of link popularity when entering web catalogs. Google has strongly devalued these anyway. List yourself in web directories that make sense for your target group and your users. Enter as much information as possible so that every visitor can make use of it.

Web directories: Are there SEO advantages?

Web catalogs or web directories are now mainly used from a commercial point of view, although there are of course still free opportunities to enter your company. From the point of view of search engine optimization, web catalogs can of course be helpful for your company, especially with regard to your link profile, because an entry in a web catalog is in this sense only a backlink. However, you should keep in mind that Google and other search engines no longer consider classic link building to be an important ranking factor. As a supplement to the classic link building, you can still use entries in web catalogs for your company, especially because you can be sure that most web catalogs are editorially maintained and checked and therefore have a high quality.

These are the most important directories and web catalogs!


The web catalog 11880 belongs to Germany’s second largest directory assistance. Through this specialized portal, you can quickly & easily obtain quotes from a wide range of specialists, whether roofers, electricians or tilers. The entry of the company is free of charge.

The Yellow Pages are the best-known business directory in Germany. The entry and registration is free of charge, but there are also paid premium entries.


The hotfrog business directory is a web catalog where applicants can list multiple companies. Also, many other information can be added such as pictures, address of the company, etc.


The Cyclex business directory offers a comprehensive service search for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Suppliers can register their company free of charge. There are also premium entries…

As a German business directory, GoYellow offers the best local listings, easy-to-use search and helpful additional information. Suppliers can register for free and get visibility in over 40 portals.


Company Index offers an extensive catalog of companies from a wide range of industries in Germany. Companies can register for free, but there is a backlink obligation.

MisterWhat is a German business directory for local and non-local suppliers. Providers can register for free via social media and provide information such as addresses, numbers, etc.

The web catalog golocal is a partner of Das Örtliche and has over 750,000 members. It offers free membership and provides the top listings in a region.

Webwiki offers a variety of sites: from German to English providers, everything is there. The entry is free of charge.

The web directory Disusa is a paid directory for entries of various industries, from car to housing. Entries cost between 8-15 euros and are editorially checked.

The German web catalog docomo has a selection of over 340 categories in which links can be listed. Providers can choose between free and paid amounts.

The Smarte Werbung web catalog divides industries into different regions, making local and regional searches for suppliers even easier. The entry here is free of charge for providers.

Linkjoker is a web catalog for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and offers free entries for providers. There is no backlink obligation and premium entries cost a one-time fee of 21 euros.

The web directory site search offers free entries and no backlink obligation for providers. In order to provide high quality entries, each request is screened and editorially reviewed.

Kibidik offers its users high-quality and editorially reviewed entries on websites from a wide range of industries. Providers have the choice between premium and standard entries.

The web catalog Backlinksuche offers companies free and paid entries, which are checked by moderators.

Hegaulink is an editorially managed web catalog that offers free & paid listings for various industries.

Tag-a-Site offers free web listings that can later be changed to premium listings and has a variety of industries.

Web content offers a directory of nearly 23,000 entries in over 3,000 categories. The entries are free of charge and are editorially reviewed.

At BeamMachine you can find interesting companies and experts from all industries. The service is chargeable, the entries can be modified at any time.

On linkheim you will find entries from various industries in Germany. The web catalog is commercially managed and currently offers no free entries.

Handwerkernet provides an overview of the various trades from plumbers to carpenters. The entries are free of charge and are editorially reviewed.

The web catalog ecoportal on ecological topics and entries of all kinds. An entry is free of charge, but there is a backlink obligation.


Stadt1 is a free web catalog for various, topic-independent entries that are editorially reviewed.

Search needle offers simple and free listings for companies and businesses. Registration is simple and without obligation.

The web catalog Topreflex is financed exclusively by advertising, which is why all entries are free of charge.

The web catalog Webfee is free of charge and offers a large selection of non-themed entries. There is no backlink obligation for providers.

KLICK-IT.de is a company directory for German speaking companies, which can be registered for free.

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