The challenge came to us with the request to bundle and optimize all marketing activities. We should increase revenue while steadily improving ROAS by profitably scaling the marketing channels of SEO, SEA, paid social media and email marketing.

The challenge was to build up all marketing channels strategically, to coordinate them in a structured way and to optimize them. As a result, we were able to increase initial sales within a very short time and have been scaling steadily ever since.

The process

At the beginning, Google Ads campaigns and Facebook/Instagram Ads campaigns were created and in this way relevant traffic was quickly built up and sent to the webshop in a targeted manner.

An email marketing and email automation strategy was also implemented and launched using MailChimp.

Special attention was paid to technical and content aspects of search engine optimization.

Here we were able to play to our strengths as a social media marketing agency and SEO agency and as and help the customer to significant growth.

Strategic optimization

Establish and optimize all relevant and jointly prioritized marketing channels.


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