The challenge

Menne & Rohde Joinery to have a professional and appealing website, which at the same time should show up in the top Google rankings for the most important search terms.

The challenge was to get the website up and running in a hurry and start local search engine optimization. So within a very short time, we were able to get the website ranked #1 on Google for a whole range of relevant local queries.

Web design with WordPress

The first challenge was to build the site as quickly as possible. As CMS we decided to use WordPress. As a web design agency, we were able to quickly implement the needs of the client.

Local SEO

Already during the web design phase, we as SEO agency carried out technical SEO measures and then built up strong local rankings through dedicated landing pages and backlink building.

Strategic optimization

Establish and optimize all relevant and jointly prioritized marketing channels.

Web design

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